6239 Double Swiss Underline

For daytona lover, what i’m gonna introduce today is one of most correctible vintage Rolex called ‘Doubl … Read More

5970 Tiffany

These Ref.5970 ‘WG’ and ‘RG’ got produced collaborated Patek Philipe and Tiffany and Co. Since they doesn’t co … Read More

5004 Pt Bregue Index

This is a Bregue Ref.5004 dial … and one of the absolute coolest! it is from Roni Madhvani’s collection. &nbsp … Read More

3970 WG Bregue Index

A black 3970 Patek Phillipe WG ‘Bregue’ dial with hands that also have a specific design.   pic via insta … Read More

PHILLIPS Geneva 2016 SS

Phillips auction Three is gonna be in May 2016. The centrepiece is the Tropical 6263 RCO PN but a lot of rare … Read More

6263 PN RCO Tropical

This is the 6263 tropical RCO Paul Newman that will be auctioned at Philips in Geneva May 2016. Indeed the bla … Read More

6264 PN Black

Amongst the non-Oyster Daytona models, the PN Ref.6262/6264 is actually special. The white PN is essentially a … Read More

5004 & 3970

The reserved-looking Patek Philippe is somewhat popular when compared to the remarkable rise of the vintage Ro … Read More

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