HK auction

Auction season still goes on even after the Geneva auctions. In the beginning of Next week Christie’s an … Read More

Geneva Auction Analysis(in Depth)

Auction season is always exiting for all dealers and collectors but this time even more exiting since there we … Read More

Geneva Auction Result Christie’s

  Christie’s  5.15   6264 Lemon PN 580,000CHF   6241 PN JPS  556,000CHF   6264 PN Pa … Read More

Geneva Auction Result PHILLIPS

  PHILLIPS   5.13 & 14 6263YG PN SOLD:3,722,000CHF   6241 JPS Tiffany     SOLD:730,000CHF   … Read More

Rise of SmallCrown

  One of notable watches and what we can’t ignore now is SC ( “SmallCrown” both 6536 an … Read More


  Compared to Khanjar Daytona, perhaps less poplar but a cool and rare watch is UAE Daytona what is calle … Read More

Price trend of PN

Maybe the topic I’m gonna talk about is what everyone likes to talk and share. So what’s the actua … Read More

6240 SOLO

One of the most interesting resulst that changed our vintage Rolex market is a 6240 with a dial only Rolex in … Read More

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