Today I’m gonna talk about EX1 that is normally overshadowed in the vintage rolex market. However, It&#8 … Read More

6238 YG Black

Here’s ‘PRE-DAYTONA’ 6238 14k with black lacker dial. It is an extremely rare model especially with glos … Read More

5512 SCG

One of the best 5512s is Square Crown Guard so called SCG btw collectors. Both the SCG and EagleBeak originall … Read More

6542 GMT

Produced from 1955 to 1959, 6542 is the only GMT without crown guard expect a early gold 1675. As we know that … Read More

PHILLIPS Geneva 2015 FW

Vintage Watches especially vintage ROLEX continued to increase value at Phillips auction 2015 November. Here I … Read More

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