1675 double swiss underline

What’s a double swiss underline dial ? Why is it so rare and demanded in the market now?

First, dials with a underline were only produced between 1962-1964 that is very short period which means super small quantities. in addition most of underline dials easily get in bad condition like peeling dial.

Second, double swiss at the bottom of a dial makes a big difference and interest a lot of collectors. only made in late 1962 – 1963 and usually found in the case serial 8xx or 9xx, sometimes 1.xxx.

So now you know why they are so desirable and knowledgeable guys look for them.  having underline double swiss and even in good condition is not really piece of cake. Actually very difficult to discover.

Luckily I had a chance to see a very nice 1675 double swiss underline these days. What i realized is that 1675 double swiss is actually much more interesting than 6541 with bakelite since its dial with a PCG case is more and more detailed and rarer than 6542.


IMO maybe there will be more gap between with underline or without underline sooner or later. It’s probably the last minutes to buy before they get crazily expensive.

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