5004 & 3970

The reserved-looking Patek Philippe is somewhat popular when compared to the remarkable rise of the vintage Rolex, but I think it has a completely different look and style from the Rolex.

The Ref.3970 chronograph was produced in 1986 and run for 18 years until 2004 and is considerably small compared with modern dials but its small size means that its sense of luxury is condensed.

In addition, material of cases come in YG, RG, WG and PT with different variations of dials. Although impressive equipped with a perpetual calendar mechanism, but the unique beauty is in the well-balanced design of the chronograph that neatly carries a small dial.

And what could trouble the clock enthusiast more is the top model Ref.5004 having the split mechanism in it’s sibling model, Ref.3970. It’s said that only Ref.5004 can choose to have an elaborate ‘Arabic dial’ design.

Look at these two.

The dial size of each is exactly the same, but everything else including the shape of hands, their gloss finish, the font of in-dial numbers, the size of numbers, the direction of numbers on the outer circle, the black colour of the dial itself, and the logo size are different. Therefore, each one has a totally different impression.

Even if I take one dial, I think the brand image of Patek Philippe has been built from having a long history of being committed to not neglecting such fine detail.

Ref.3970EP black dial w/ diamond index

Ref.5004EP black arabic dial

When displayed this way, the Patek chronograph of this era has a unique atmosphere.

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