PHILLIPS Geneva 2015 FW

Vintage Watches especially vintage ROLEX continued to increase value at Phillips auction 2015 November. Here I put some interesting results for you guys to check out.


ROLEX Daytona, “Paul Newman”, 6241, 18k yellow gold,  retailed by Hermes
Estimate CHF300000 – 600000(SOLD FOR 569,000CHF)

This is an 18K gold Paul Newman Rolex with black dial and a Hermes-engraved screw back.These three hands of sub-dials are gold(nomaly black).


ROLEX, Daytona “Solo Rolex Quick Silver”, 6239, Stainless steel, 1968
Estimate CHF250000 – 500000(SOLD FOR 509,000CHF)

1 Line”ROLEX” and Daytona logo in 6239. This is the one of only a few known as legit in the market. It hit the huge price not only because of its rarity, it’s also featured on Pucci Papaleo’s Daytona book.


ROLEX , Oyster Cosmograph, Fuerza Aérea del Perú, 6265, Stainless steel
Estimate CHF30000 – 50000(SOLD FOR 65,000CHF)

This lot is the Peruvian army model, 6265 — In the current market, 6263 Khanjar are getting so crazy price. Maybe the same thing will happen. The Peruvian military also comes with Paul Newman 6262 in ether white or back.


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