6541 Milgauss


One of most beautiful vintage watches is the milgauss 6541that has been highly demanded by knowledgeable collectors for a decade.

6541 were made in the late 1950’s at the same time other iconic sports models from Rolex were produced except Daytona. This watch is so special not only because it comes with a honeycomb dial and a lightning hand but also movement and case backs are special.

I put some nice examples that I found when surfing the internet.



6541 Tropical with a nice turning bezel

pic via Instagram/eastcrown


Against tropical one above here’s 6541 black dial. maybe we see black one  (non tropical dials) less than tropical 6541

pic via Instagram/andrewsher


Next one is with a smooth bezel that look more formal.

pic via Instagram/rolexpassionreport


Wow! this smooth 6541 is very sharp. if in good condition like this, it’s so elegant and dressy even though it’s a sport watch

pic via Instagram/eastcrown


The last one is 6543 that’s so unusual and unique piece said by collectors. Yes it has different hands and a bezel. It looks cool with leather straps that most collector don’t wear with.

pic via Instagram/silas815


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