6263 YG MK1

Although the Ref.6240 is representative of a Daytona model gaining attention, other than the Paul Newman SOLO, the top model marked by dealers is the gold MK1 dial of the Ref 6263.

Normally gold 6263 and 6265’s dials are 4line, the approved chronometer for the Ref.6263/6265 gold Oyster models, comes under the CHRONOGRAPH. But the MK1 is very simple just with 3lines on a dial, and the balance of beauty is so perfect.

ROLEX 6263 18K MK1 Black Dial

ROLEX 6263 18K MK1 Black Dial


L)ROLEX 6263 18K MK1 Black Dial

R)ROLEX 6263 18K MK1 Champagne Dial


This is what we always see in both 6263 and 6265 gold coming with chronometer that I think is cool but not as good as mk1. Less is more.

ROLEX 6263 18K Mk3 Black Dial

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